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when to come?

The desert's hot and dry climate allows a long hiking season. The Negev highland region, in particular, being a higher land, is an inviting destination almost throughout the year.

The ideal period spans from October to May. In this season daytime temperatures are pleasant and nights are either chilly or very cold. Rain seldom falls but when it does it can get quite brutal and accompanied by massive floods. A desert-flood is a mighty sight that requires the utmost vigilance.
If you follow the weather forecast and equip yourself in accordance you should encounter no problems.

September and June can also be suitable for hiking though warm and warmer days may really take the fun out. Follow the weather forecast to see if temperatures aren't too high. if you do walk in September or June make sure you start early in the morning, plan on a long stop at Noon and take plenty of water with you, 4-5L.  

July and August are way too hot and are not recommended for a visit to the trail.

Crowds flow south mainly in Pesach (Passover) and Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles). While it never gets too hectic on the trail itself, it does mean that you should book your accommodation well in advance for these dates.
Other festivals have almost no impact on the number of visitors to the Negev highland.

- During some of the festivals, busses may run regularly or not at all and that's a fact to consider when planning your trip.