Day 1: Merhav-Am to Midershet Ben Gurion


15 KM

Most of the day we will be walking on a plain though there are a few mild inclines on the way.

We start at the Jewish communal settlement of Merhav Am. and head out to Halukim range. The dramatic scenery of Bik'at Zin as seen from the top will give us an idea about the environment in which we are going to hike in the coming days. Going down towards HaRoee recreation area we will explore the "lost city". Here are the remains of a village from the early Arab period mysteriously cohabitating both a mosque and a pagan temple. Crossing the road from HaRoee we will enter the kibbutz of Sde Boker. This was David Ben Gurion's residence after retiring from public life. His hut has been made into a museum where we can learn and appreciate his legacy. Later on, we will walk through the Zin plain and pay a visit to Meitzad Zin, the ruins of a Byzantine guarding post watching over the ancient road. The day comes to its end at Midreshet Sde Boker, a community settlement surrounding and educational center and the burial place of Ben Gurion, set amidst Bik'at Zin and looking over its spectacular surroundings.


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