The desert wanderer is traditionally light equipped and unburdend. Following the example will guarantee you with a more enjoyable time and will avoid both unnecessary care of too many belongings as well as injury and strain.

The list below minimizes the content of any suitcase into the recommended essential for the Negev highland trail.

For a single day's hike:

Hiking shoes
Small backpack 20-30L
3 littres of water
Map or GPS
Sun screen
Sun glasses
Mobile phone

A torch and a warm overcloth will see you to a safer and cozier end of the day in case you find yourself still out  after sunset.

- A single day's hike calls for a coffee break, or two, or three... Carrying a coffee&tea kit is very common with Israelis and adds an extra flavour to your day.

For a multiple-days' hike carry the above mentioned plus:
Mosquito repellent
Extra clothes
Additional socks and underwear
Flipflops or sandals
Warm hat
Torch or a headlight

- Don't forget sheets or a sleeping bag if you're staying in an accommodation tent.

If you choose to camp bring a sleeping mat and a warm sleeping bag as nights can get very cold in the desert. 

Women Travellers

You won’t feel out of place as female traveller on the Negev Highland trail. In some parts attitudes are a little old-fashioned but this will probably only translate into men treating you with a little more respect.

In fact, when visiting a Bedouin village, a woman has the opportunity to meet the Bedouin women and to see life "behind the scenes"  the way no man from outside could ever do.

While no complaint was ever registred, caution is always advised anyway. If you go solo, it is advised to let someone know your day's itinerary beforehand.