Stay Safe

The Negev highland is altogether a very safe area for travelers and annually sees thousands of people hiking its paths with ease.

You should be aware that opportunists will rejoice at the sight of your unattended bag, so keep your precious belongings with you at all time. If you use a tent for camping keep your stuff inside the tent when sleeping.


The desert is home to some of the most venomous species on the planet. Snakes, spiders, centipedes, and scorpions will all, as a general rule, clear the way upon seeing you coming. Don't follow them and don't annoy them. Avoid turning stones over and putting you hands in holes.

In case of emergency of any sort dial 1 0 0 and you will immediately be answered by an operator that will then direct your call to the appropriate emergency service.

Note: The trail crosses some terrains used by the IDF for practice. Though no live ammunition is used, you should still coordinate your passage on weekdays.

Women Travellers:

You won’t feel out of place as a female traveler on the Negev Highland trail. In some parts, attitudes are a little old-fashioned but this will probably only translate into men treating you with a little more respect.

In fact, when visiting a Bedouin village, a woman has the opportunity to meet the Bedouin women and to see life "behind the scenes"  the way no man from outside could ever do.

While no complaint was ever registered, caution is always advised anyway. If you go solo, it is advised to let someone know your day's itinerary beforehand.