Public transport:

The Negev Highland trail is very accessible as it meets road No. 40 on several occasions, practically at about the end of every day.
The bus company serving the area is called "Metropoloitan" and its central in the south is located at the city of Beer-Sheva.

To get to the head of the trail at Merhav Am, you need to take line No. 55(link) that operates between Dimona and Mitzpe Ramon. Lines 58, 64, 65, 160 from Beer-Sheva main terminal connects with 55 at different points. 
You may also hop on one of the many service taxis running between Beer-Sheva and Dimona.

Throughout the trail you can take lines 64(link), 65(link), 60(link), all operating between Beer-Sheva and Mitzpe Ramon.

- There is no public transport available in Israel from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening.


A taxi from Dimona to Merhav Am should cost you about 150 Shekels. From Beer Sheva about 250 Shekels. 
You wouldn't find one neither in Mitzpe Ramon nor in any other of the villages.


Many travelers hitchhike along road No. 40 and between Merhav Am to Dimona and Yerucham. 
It's never an entirely safe option though it may be the only one if you're moving about in the weekend.
If you do choose to try your luck, it's highly recommended to do so in pairs and to keep cautious.