Day :  Arikha - Mizpa ramon


12 KM


From Aricha vilage and over a small hill the path leading to Mitzpe Ramon will take us through vines and nearby a military base. Right after the last vineyard we'll go up a small range from which we will look over the Egyptian border to the west and the Arabah to the east. From there we'll proceed to Mitzpe Ramon itself though not from the main road's side. Our path will take us straight up the Gamal Mt. Gamal in hebrew means a camel and the mountain was named after his hump-like shape. An outlook on the top of the hump provides a spectacular view of the Ramon crater. From here on a beautiful promenade on the cliff edge will bring us the rest of the way to the visitor's center. The Mitzpe Ramon Visitor Center offers interactive exhibits explaining the natural processes which led to the creation of the crater as well as information about its fauna and flora.


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