Day 3: Ovdat - Hava


12 KM


A day following Har HaNegev's golden age, a time when Nabateans, Byzantines, Arabs and nomads built cities and roads, developed agriculture and trade and left their mark on the landscape.

First we'll visit the the impressive ruins of Ovdat (wikipedia), once a glorious city on the incense route. From Ovdat we'll hike to Ramalia waterholes, an antique water system that served the residents of this part of the Negev for thousands of years. A little steep incline will take us to the top of the Arkov Mt. where new landscapes will reveal to us, notably those of Ovdat valley. Arkov Mt. is strewn with ancient ritual monuments and petroglyphs and we will examine and speculate over some of the more intriguing and peculiar ones. After descending the Arkov Mt. we'll cross the Ovdat river and make our way to the old Byzantine farm. Here we will find the remains of a huge agrarian complex comprising terraces, walls and ruined buildings. Our day will end in a man-made grove by road No. 40 where we're most likely to meet goats and sheep on their way home from the graze. We'll follow them into the small Bedouin village on the other side of the road where an accommodation tent will be ready to host us.


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