Day 2: Midershet Ben Gurion - ovdat


16 KM


The day is consecrated to Bik'at Zin's cliffs and springs, some of the most overwhelming in the Negev.

We start by crossing over to the other side of Nahal Zin's dry riverbed. A short yet challenging steep climb will get us right up on the Divshon plateua. The stunning views of the desert will accompany us as we walk the plateua along the edge of Bik'at Zin. We will enjoy Bedouin tea and coffee and take a peek at a huge dry horseshoe waterfall before we'll start heading down to our day's highlight, Ein Akev. Ein Akev is a spectacular oasis, engulfing one of the biggest and deepest springs in the Negev desert. After bathing in the spring's cold clear water we'll head uphill to Ovdat plateua. The trail will tell us of ancient farmers, winding through the remains of fields and terraces. We will also pass by another oasis, Ein Akev Elion, resembling a little green island in the sea of desert yellow. Bedouin hospitality and even a smal grocery store will await us at the end of the day in lovely Ovdat village.


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