Food & water


There are a few places along the trail where you can have a meal or at least buy some snacks (see list below), and all accommodations offer breakfast and dinner, so normally you don't need to carry with you more than lunch for the day.

While Midreshet Sde Boker and Mitzpe Ramon have restaurants, most of the other places just cater for their guests. If you're not expected anywhere, food will not wait for you there. Sometimes that means you won't be served at all though usually it just means that you'll have to wait for the cook to be found and for the food to be cooked.

- In case you're vegetarian, vegan or sensitive to any ingredients do remember to mention it in advance.

Cooking for yourself is both fun and recommended, just keep in mind that sharing your dinner with the wildlife is wrong. Always keep your provisions sealed and your leftovers out of the animals' reach and never leave your waste anywhere but in the designated bins.


There are barely any running water and certainly no taps in this part of the Negev, but you can fill your bottles at any village and in-service stations. These present at the beginning and the end of each day, so you needn't carry more than a day's supply.
The recommended minimum is 4 liters a person a day. You should definitely consider taking more than that on hot and long days.